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  1.We should thank our school, teachers and our parents for they provide us a chance to knowledge.
  A. require B.acquire
  C.achieve D.enquire
  2.The boss told her secretary, “Your report must be finished and to the committee before the deadline.”
  A.updated B.informed
  C.submitted D.demanded
  3.Even if you are familiar with the judge and he takes your side, you will have no chance to win the tough .
  A.case B.support
  C.argument D.charge
  4.Our school offers us benefits―you can go to the hospital to have a examination freely every year.
  A.constant B.severe
  C.thorough D.unusual
  5.The student got so in her writing that she didn’t notice her teacher was standing behind her.
  A.devoted B.addicted
  C.absorbed D.concentrated
  6.Your plan, as well as his, sounds original.But the company, I think, won’t either of them, for they are unrealistic.
  A.approve B.abolish
  C.assess D.accuse
  7.Some beggars have made themselves disabled to ask for more money, which hurt a lot of kind hearted people.
  A.deliberately B.casually
  C.accidentally D.physically
  8.The doctor has a really busy schedule recently.Since you just want to have a check-up and it is not urgent.I can fix you up for a(n) in a month or so.
  A. treatment B.appointment
  C.commitment D.adjustment
  9.Make sure that the electricity is turned off while having a bath, which would cause danger, leading to a dreadful consequence.
  A.somehow B.meanwhile
  C.otherwise D.therefore
  10.In the dark, he had to his senses of touch and smell and hearing.
  A.apply to B.depend on
  C.make for D.assist with
  11.―It is raining hard.Will you go to your friend’s birthday party?
  ―I promised him to go, but the heavy rain really places me in a .I’m not sure whether I will go or not.
  A.disadvantage B.conclusion
  C.dilemma D.challenge
  12.In order to leave a perfect impression on the audience, the speaker spent several days , her lecture.
  A.polishing B.abolishing
  C.publishing D.furnishing
  13.You may it that he will turn up and offer help in time.
  A.decide on B.depend on
  C.answer for D.see to
  14.Just as he went out of the supermarket, he was stopped and of stealing things.
  A.charged B.blamed
  C.warned D.accused
  15.On hearing a serious accident happening, the young immediately went to the police.   A.assess B.rescue
  C.work D.assist
  16.It is important that many wars broke out in the Middle East.What’s your of the situation there?
  A.adjustment B.assessment
  C.appointment D.assistance
  17.In my opinion, he is a(n) person, that is, he says exactly what he thinks.
  A.modest B.honest
  C.outspoken D.easy-going
  18.The project is to educate teens on the rules of safe driving and the severe that can result if those rules are not followed.
  A.contribution B.outcome
  C.consequence D.punishment
  19.I have been convinced that the print media are usually more and more reliable than television.
  A.ridiculous B.accurate
  C.urgent D.shallow
  1.I may have to go into hospital, ,I won’t be going on holiday.(case)
  2.Only when you have seen what he or she does a story by yourself.(cover)
  3.Fully the housework, she doesn’t have time to enjoy various activities in the club any longer.(occupy)
  由于忙于做家务, 她再也没有时间去参加俱乐部丰富多样的活动了。
  4.The couple were engaged in decorating their new flat last summer and seldom
  the study of their children.(care)
  5.What a pity! We but there was a sudden power failure.(do)
  6.I really want to know that the film is so popular all over the world.(why)
  7.With , you can enjoy yourself in the Food Festival.(taste)
  8.You know, I a job for three months and this is my first interview.(look)
  9.Last month they visited that village.
  , was the friendliness and warmth of the local people. (impress)
  10.The long-awaited piano concert is said
  ,on Television and the Internet.(broadcast)
  11.If you had taken my advice earlier, you now.(dilemma)
  12.When Mary was studying abroad, her parents always what was happening at home.(inform)
  13.In no case that a chemical factory will be built near the village.(approve)
  14.Not until we know more about the environment improve the situation.(able)
  15.The scientist is known ,this problem for ten years.(work)
  16.How I wish I had worked harder! Large quantities of time by me.(waste)


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