Unit 4




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  1.In a sudden of anger, the girl tore up everything within reach, whose mother was at a loss standing beside her.
  A.attitude B.flame
  C.damage D.burst
  2.The government is also warning elderly residents, those with breathing and heart conditions, to avoid outdoor activities when pollution is high and to wear face masks if they go outside.
  A.extremely B.especially
  C.originally D.slightly
  3.In September 2013, the news that announced Faye Wong and Li Yapeng divorced immediately , the entertainment industry.Afterwards, rumors, guesses and causes became hot topics on the Internet.
  A.revealed B.shocked
  C.explored D.confirmed
  4.Non-screen time is a kind of tech-life balance strategy that all members of a family not to use any screen equipment during certain hours of the day.
  A.persuade B.agree
  C.consider D.approve
  5.My father is acknowledged to be a very , person by people in our town.When he promises to do something, he will do it.
  A.cautious B.stubborn
  C.sincere D.reliable
  6.It is reported that by careful questioning the police managed to the information they were looking for.
  A.dig out B.take apart
  C.set down D.go through
  7.I highly recommend the film to those who enjoy watching sports such as sky-diving and bungee jumping.
  A.extreme B.enjoyable
  C.dynamic D.aggressive
  8. Operations which in the past left patients , and in need of long periods of recovery time now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable.
  A.injured B.deserted
  C.exhausted D.defeated
  9.Ever since he was admitted to the research station, he has himself in his research work under the guidance of his professor.
  A.devoted B.buried
  C.trapped D.applied
  10.Nowadays some parents are just too protective, who want to their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined.
  A.remove B.distinguish
  C.dismiss D.shelter
  11.I advise you to take exercise regularly.If you get much fatter, you’ll your clothes.
  A.explode B.burst
  C.bury D.crash
  12. Our teachers often tell us that we should learn from past mistakes so as to avoid falling into the same old again.
  A.trap B.track
  C.shelter D.trail
  13.After they received the signal for help, a life boat was sent out to the sailors from the sinking ship.
  A.reserve B.receive   C.rescue D.serve
  14.We can’t give you an exact answer at present, for our shop, in fact, is just beginning to , the problem.
  A.dig out B.dig into
  C.find out D.figure out
  15.Experienced drivers know that heat can create an illusion of water on a highway in the summer.
  A.extra B.exact
  C.extend D.extreme
  16.When he returned home after the violent earthquake, he stared sadly at the of his house.
  A.route B.ruins
  C.harm D.injury
  17. The continuing leakage is the result of the long in the pipe.
  A. crash B. collision
  C. trash D. crack
  18.This book gives a brief of the history of the castle and details of the art collection in the main hall.
  A.outline B.reference
  C.article D.outlook
  19.After a thorough discussion it was decided to start building the railway .
  A.just now B.all right
  C.all of a sudden D.right now
  20.She is a very unfriendly person and is never ready to help others.So it was not surprising that no one came to her no matter how hard she cried for help.
  A.rescue B.arrangement
  C.attendance D.adventure
  1. How can you ask again? I think , at all when I presented the answer to you.(listen)
  2.It was that he moved out of the remote village and settled down in the big city.(feel)
  3.It was ten years ago, for the first time, that I began to learn French.(come)
  4.In the letter he sincerely expressed his gratitude to his head teacher, , and encouragement, he wouldn’t have been admitted to Beijing University.(help)
  5.Chinese Dream Show has set up a stage
  their dreams.(achieve)
  6.If it hadn’t been for your timely help, we
  a dilemma now.(trap)
  7.I can remember few occasions
  in primary school.(absent)
  8.The film was made in this small village,
  my happy childhood together with my good friends.(spend)
  9.Since Hunan TV’s reality show Dad, Where Are We Going came out on Oct. 11 last year, it .(become)
  自从湖南卫视去年10 月 11 日推出真人秀节目《爸爸去哪儿》以来,这个节目很受欢迎。
  10.The more often you talk to the natives,
  when speaking a foreign language.(confident)
  11.The math problem is very difficult and
  , how to deal with it.(know)
  12.He described the incident in detail, making us feel as if we the spot.(witness)
  13.As we all know, he is a man


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